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Rapid Response Certificate Course: Save Your Crashing Patients

CE Information
18.75 CE credits
Completion Time
19 hours, 26 minutes
Available Until
December 31, 2025
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Acute Care, Cardiology, Emergency/Trauma, and Neurology

Imagine you are taking care of your patient - anywhere - any department/floor in the hospital, a nursing home, surgical site or clinic setting and suddenly grasp that an emergency situation is unfolding. Do you know what to do? Are you confident in your response? Even if you call an ambulance or have a rapid response team coming, YOU may still be taking care of that patient for up to 8 minutes or more. In that time, what can YOU do to help save lives? There are times in the past you wish you had done moreā€¦.

This intense course will provide new clinical insights and critical thinking skills so you won't need to feel uncertain, scared or at risk anymore. The ability to assess, intervene and advocate will be reinforced through exciting clinical cases. You will experience the dramatic changes in your own practice when you work your next shift! PLUS, you will earn a Certificate in Patient Crisis Prevention and up to 12 CE Hours!

Learning Objectives

  • Categorize current challenges relative to your specific practice environment and patient populations.
  • Develop a proactive plan to respond to your deteriorating patient.
  • Evaluate the mental strategies necessary for success and process improvement when dealing with critically ill patients.
  • Integrate a comprehensive review of systems, with subtle but key red flag clinical assessment findings.
  • Incorporate a graduate level understanding of pharmacology into your current clinical practice with respect to the pre-, peri-, and post-arrest management of the medically fragile patient.
  • Apply advanced laboratory medicine concepts into your current clinical practice with respect to the "at risk" patient.
  • Distinguish the subtle signs from the "perfect storm" patient.
  • Choose the best interventions for stabilization of the deteriorating patient.
  • Determine the key interventions to stabilize the successfully resuscitated patient prior to or post transfer.
  • Analyze the latest clinical practice guidelines for common pathologies and comorbidities.
  • Evaluate landmark case studies to identify key failures in recognition and rescue of the crashing patient.
  • Assess legal documentation strategies to protect yourself and your practice.


Sean Smith
Sean Smith MSc, FP-C, CEN, CFRN, CPEN, CCRN-CMC (Adult), CCRN-K (Neonatal), CCRN-K (Pediatric)

Sean G. Smith, MSc, FP-C, CEN, CFRN, CPEN, CCRN-CMC (Adult), CCRN-K (Neonatal), CCRN-K (Pediatric), is a flight nurse-paramedic who has practiced and taught Trauma Care, Tactical Medicine, Emergency/Critical Care, and Prehospital Emergency Medical Services, both in the military and the civilian world. He holds degrees in nursing and molecular biology, and is a graduate of Duke University's Legal Nurse Consulting program. He holds multiple advanced specialty certifications as well as extensive instructor qualifications in critical care and emergency medicine.

Robin Gilbert
Robin Gilbert MSN, RN, CEN, CPEN

Robin Gilbert, MSN, RN, CEN, CPEN, has over 25 years of experience in emergency nursing. She is both a certified emergency nurse and certified pediatric emergency nurse. Robin has extensive experience working in the emergency department, progressive care, intermediate care, transitional care, step-down, and currently as the regional manager for staff development at Central Maine Medical Center. Robin draws on her expertise to teach her own hospital staff and experienced healthcare audiences throughout the country on a variety of critical care and emergency nursing topics.

CE Information

This activity offers 18.75 CE credits to attendees.

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