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Faces of Medicine is a donor-funded independent docu-series exploring the paths of Black female physicians in the United States.

Posted about 2 months ago by Stephanie Desiderio

Watch this docu-series here:


We are excited to announce that Faces of Medicine received an Expand Massachusetts Stories Grant from Mass Humanities with funding made possible by the Barr Foundation! 

This grant has made it possible for Faces of Medicine to provide free admission for a premiere screening of Episode One to all attendees, provide transportation to the screening for underrepresented young women who are looking to enter the field of medicine, and create a greater awareness of a subject that many people are unaware of. We are thrilled to be screening the documentary at Amherst Cinema, a uniquely run non-profit theater that presents cutting edge independent movies with a commitment to building community and showcasing local filmmakers.

The Expand Massachusetts Stories initiative offers up to $20,000 for projects that collect, interpret and share narratives about the commonwealth, with an emphasis on the voices and experiences that have gone unrecognized, or have been excluded from public conversation.

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Faces of Medicine is supported by a grant awarded by Mass Humanities with funding from the Barr Foundation.

We bring unheard voices and untold stories to light.

First generation college graduates. Second generation physicians.

Immigrants. People with ancestry going back 200 years in the deep south. An ex-pat.

Pediatricians, Oncologists, Surgeons, Emergency Physicians…

All Women. All Black. All Doctors.


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